Lawyer who dragged president to court: Buhari never wrote WAEC

Lawyer who dragged president to court: Buhari never wrote WAEC
Nnamdi Nwokocha-Ahaaiwe who won a go ahead court ruling on May 26 by a Federal High Court in Abuja for his case of forgery and non-qualification of running for president filed against Muhammadu Buhari to proceed has dropped a bombshell: that the Nigerian president never sat for senior school certificate exams.

His words during an interview with This Day:

“As everyone now knows from available records at the disposal of the general public, General Buhari registered for the Cambridge West African School Certificate when he was in his final year in Provincial Secondary School, Katsina. He was given an Examination number, but before he could sit for the examination, the Nigerian Army started recruiting with the minimum requirement being possession of a WASC or the equivalent at that time.

Since he did not have any WASC not having yet sat for the exam, General Buhari got his Principal to issue him a recommendation letter in lieu of his WASC.

“All these are matters of public records and I am sure you also saw a bromide of that recommendation letter when it was published. General Buhari was enlisted into the Nigerian Army with his Principal’s recommendation letter and not his WASC. Having been enlisted, General Buhari reported at the Army Depot for training and commenced his military career; he never went back to sit for the WASC and that is why the Nigeria Army called a press conference at the height of the controversy and stated unequivocally that no WASC had ever been found in his file.”