Late OJB was planning to sell his house for N50m today

Late OJB was planning to sell his house for N50m today

A source told TheNET that before his death on Tuesday 14th June 2016, OJB Jezreal was planning to sell his house at the price of N50 million due to expenses required for another surgery on the late music producer whose kidney failed last week. The proposed buyer of the property located at 4, Gbaja Street, Surulere, Lagos State is a commercial bank.

According to the leakster:

“You know he’s been saving money to go for another surgery that would gulp close to $150,000 and he didn’t want it to go public, so the plan was to sell the house. As a matter of fact we would have sold the house about three weeks back but a document was missing. Now we have the document and they were supposed to come and make the payment at 4pm today but Baba don die.”

Another source reportedly said:

“Baba just wanted to sell the house and travel abroad, then when he returns he wanted to relocate to his other house in Abuja. Now we are all sad because we all had commissions from the sale of the house, but God knows best.”