Lanre Olusola: Men should be in the labour room because…

Lanre Olusola: Men should be in the labour room because...

Lanre Olusola is a social analyst and motivational speaker. During his interview with Arulaino Umukoro, the 49-year-old family man described his experiences of being a father and husband.

He narrated:

“I was in the labour ward, and it was a very interesting experience. I recommend that every father should do everything they can to be in the labour ward with their wives because it changes one’s perspective towards one’s wife and her contribution to life.

“When I carried my daughter in my hands, I appreciated the essence of God and it portrayed the concept to me that man did not evolve from apes. We came from the same manufacturer, the Almighty Creator. If we look at an Apple or a Samsung phone, they look alike because each came from the same manufacturer.

“The evolution of man is the same, whether you are Christians, Muslim or Hindu, it is the same birth process. So, that helped me conceptualise the essence of God that the exclusive right of life and death are in His Hands. I appreciated life the more.”