Lady laments: My man changed after he joined this association

Lady laments: My man changed after he joined this associationFrom a female blog reader:

Advise please! I have been dating this guy for close to five years and recently he joined an association he claims is for the better he told me about it Nd says it’ll make him a better man. But since he joined them, he’s been different and really distant, we fight more often. We talked about it and he says I put eye on him too much (he used to complain abt me not paying much attention before now which I had to improve on) he also stopped me from touching his phone since the last time I saw some regular calls from certain girls which we fought about. he also puts little effort as to making things get better,our sex life is even dieing Nd getting tiring! he always finds one excuse to not make love. How do I stay with not worrying about my man? Let me learn except you all think it’s something else bcos our fight has also become physical (he dosnt beat me,he only rough handles me) personally I think such issues will only lead to a brk up but I am willing to try one last time before I finally give up . Dear men please I need your mind here. Thanks