Lady laments: I just broke up with him. Here’s why

Lady laments: I just broke up with him. Here's why

From a female blog reader:

My story goes like this I have been dating my bf for over 4 years I love him so much, I revolved my whole life around him in dis ova 4 yrs he has hurt me badly, cheated on my several times still yet I forgave him . When we started dating he was hardworking , matured , caring and all he even use to talk for settling down nd all nd I tot I have finally found the one but has years went by he started changing, his lifestyle changed started having numerous friends things he wasn’t doing b4 He started doing them , I kept complaining but he won’t listen. Anyways to cut the long story short my mum has constantly been complaining that the relationship I getting too long and she doesn’t know wat our plans was I discussed with him and he always giving issue that he is not financially ok yet that he isn’t ready nd I know if he really want to be wit me he can save up nd let plan something I never said I wanted a lavish wedding, he act as if I mean nothing to him nd all. I finally took the Decision to break up with him yesterday becos I believe he is wasting my time nd he is not ready for any commitment am not saying he should marry now but at least give me a bit of assurance. As Am Writing dis now I feel shattered nd heartbroken I don’t know if I have done the right time becos I don’t know where to start from I have been 100% percent faithful to him nd am really scared of starting all again .. Pls I need ur advice nd pls keep my identity hidden