Lady cries out: I don’t know anything, all I have is a massive behind

Lady cries out: I don't know anything, all I have is a massive behindFrom a female blog reader:

Quick question pls
How to you discover your talent ?
Because I have been searching for mine since but I think I am just good with my ass. I have a very big ass and I can shake and wine it, I dropped out of school because I am an olodo , I can’t even spell very well. I can’t cook or clean, I just know how to fuck and shake my ass. Funny enough,that is what all the men around me likes. I have tried to use my head a lot of times instead of my ass but it does not work . My ass is all they want . I have tried to sing and dance but I end up fucking to win competitions . I fucked my way into getting a job, and I fucked my way out because a bigger oga just wanted me to be his mistress all to him self,so he placed me in a monthly salary and just come fuck me any time he likes. My brain is blank , all I know is sex sex sex, all I do is porn porn porn, I am not productive, I don’t even know what to teach my children when I have one. Please how do I discover my talent ? Or suggest what else I can do with my big ass apart from sex ,since that is all I have for now. Thank you .
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