Lady cries out: 3 relationships and counting, I’m so unhappy

Lady cries out: 3 relationships and counting, I'm so unhappy

From a female blog reader:

I appreciate this platform thanks I plead that you keep me anonymous. My story goes this way I’m 26 years old had a daughter when I was 16. That was when my life started tearing apart. my daughters dad beat me up a lot so I had to let him go along the line I got into the university n completely stopped relationships till I was 23 then I met this guy that made me feel so good n wanted,we where cool n all I loved him so much everything was rosey a year now a half leta we went to Dubai for vac and one of those nights while making out he demanded that we shouldn’t use a condom that day I resisted a lot but then he pleaded n I agreed three weeks leta we came back to Nigeria stayed for a while n I found out I was pregnant I was so frustrated I had to tell him to my greatest surprise he gave me the insult of my life that day told me I was very useless that why didn’t I take pills immediately we got back to Nigeria I was so broken next day I saw an alert he sent me some money to do what ever I wanted to do he stopped picking calls when he picks he insults me 2 months leta he met a girl and is already planning to wife her I almost died I was broken for over 5months.. that was when this old toaster came and was consoling me then I found my self in a relationship with him he doesn’t have a job he does contracts that’s pays off once a while so we practically share my salary we been dating and all but the truth is he doesn’t respect me. I know the issue I have is I’m short tempered and that makes me scream at him sometimes but then he doesn’t respect me at all he goes out and when he is with other girls he doesn’t take my call till the next day when he takes it probably in the noon the next day he sounds very sarcastic and shuns me when I mention it. I’m suffering I cry every other night I’m not a happy person honestly I need help on how to move on I hope you all just try and give some advices and suggestions thanks.