Ladies don’t want a poor/struggling man – man laments

Ladies don't want a poor/struggling man - man laments
From a concerned blog reader:

I love how people can bring their issues here and get opinions from different angles. I’ll make this as short as possible.

I’m going to be 30 in November and the fact that I’m not in a relationship worries everyone around me. My dad has gone as far as calling involving our area Imam. Some background info first:

I have a white collar job and I used to be an entrepreneur. A very successful one. I made my first million by 23 and had a car and house of my own. Fast forward to 2014, I got a loan from the bank and took a business gamble and I lost everything. My biz partner and supplier connived and bankrupted me. I started building from ground up(which I didn’t mind after I pulled myself together). I also decided to stay away from relationships as my girlfriend left me shortly after the issue, saying she didn’t wanna be a burden and she wants to get married sooner than later.

I have repaid the bank loan and now, rebuilding my foundation. I’m not broke,just not comfortable enough and I am not stingy. However, my few experiences with ladies showed me that nobody wants to be with a struggling guy, yet everyone says I should keep searching. I would also like to be in a relationship/get married and though I miss the connection and security of being in a relationship, I don’t wanna end up getting scarred than i already am. What do you advise?