Kogi Governor promises to make his state the “Holland” of Nigeria

The Kogi state govenor, Yahaya Bello, has stated that his goal amongst other things is to make the state the ‘Holland of Nigeria.’

The state governor made this known while celebrating his second year in office adding that the goal is mainly in terms of dairy milk production and other livestock products.

Bello, while speaking at the Kogi State Agriculture Summit held in Lokoja, tagged: “Moving Agriculture To The Next Level”, on Friday stated: “In Holland, everyone knows that Holland produce more than a quarter of dairy milk and meats for Europe and America. Kogi will be the Holland of Nigeria where every other state in Nigeria will come and buy milk and other dairy products.

“They will also buy meat, hides and skin, bones, horns and even cow faeces for manure, which will translate into cash for our people. We are looking for opportunities to make money for our people. If you have a parcel of land that you are not using, what will happen is that the pastoralists will come and you rent it to them for money.

“Our youths and women will learn how to breed and keep these cows as well. And what will happen is that we shall have hire cross breed cows that will produce more milk and high quality meats where other states can come and buy.”