Kenya TV stations banned after airing Odinga’s inauguration

Some Television outlets in Kenya have been banned following the inauguration of opposition leader, Ralia Odinga.

The stations affected, NTV, KTN and Citizen TV, three of the biggest TV stations in the country were reported to have been taken off-air and would remain so until further notice.

The ban placed on the TV stations was according to report because the affected TV stations had planned to broadcast the Ralia Odinga’s unofficial “inauguration” in Nairobi.

Kenya TV stations banned after airing Odinga’s inauguration

Revealing the ban, the Interior Minister, Fred Matiang’i, told reporters that they would keep the TV stations closed until investigations were complete.

Following the Interior Minister’s statement, an arrest warrant was issued on opposition MP, Tom Kajwang who was subsequently arrested.

According to report, Mr Kajwang played a prominent role in the Tuesday’s ceremony which saw to the naming of Raila Odinga as “the people’s president”.

The Interior Ministry further in a statement said that the event was a subtle attempt at “subverting or overthrowing” the government and “would have led to the deaths of thousands of innocent Kenyans”

The affected TV station NTV, KTN and Citizen TV, have subsequently been taken off-air at around 09:10 (06:10 GMT) on Tuesday.

The Media Council of Kenya in reaction to the move said in a Facebook post: “This shutdown erodes the gains so far made in developing a free and responsible media industry and should never happen in a robust democracy that Kenya boasts of. As guaranteed by the Kenyan Constitution, media freedom should be guarded jealously at all times.”

The Interior Ministry however countered that the airing was a “serious breach of security”.

The statement added: “As a result of what happened yesterday, we have commenced investigations targeting individuals. Media houses in Kenya will remain closed until we complete investigations.”