Jarule commits suicide just before his wedding in Lagos

Jarule commits suicide just before his wedding in Lagos

A 28-year-old man (not pictured) named Shakiru or Jarule – as he’s popularly known – committed suicide a day before his wedding in Lagos last week.

Jarule’s body was discovered dangling from a rope inside his 56, Oduduwa Street, Mushin, Lagos Sate apartment with a suicide note saying “I’m sorry. Forgive me.” The father of two was scheduled to wed his babymama in Osun State the next day – Saturday 19 November 2016.

According to Jarule’s sister, Mariam,

“I called him several times to urge him to get to Osogbo on time but he told me he would arrive probably on Sunday or even Monday. I asked him what he meant by that when he knew the wedding was slated for Sunday.

“He quickly changed it and said he was on the way, that he would be there. I was expecting him till I got his message late at night. I called people close to his area but it didn’t go.

“Later I called my aunt to help me check him up. That was when she found out what happened. I had stopped calling him at a time because of his unresponsive attitude.”

 A neighbour described the late Jarule, as an introvert whose wife is 8 months pregnant:

“I don’t know what he has encountered in life that should warrant suicide. Since his mother died, he has been finding it difficult to cope with life because she pampered him a lot and he didn’t lack anything.

“She always supported him out of love for her children. He didn’t acquire any skill that could sustain him. After her death, he was dejected. Sometimes he would complain of not eating regularly, his job was not paying much and that he was getting tired of life.

“But I don’t understand his problem because even his children are not under his care. It is the family that has been catering for them.

“This wedding we ought to be doing now is not on him. All we required was of him to make himself available. We even sent money to him when he complained he didn’t have money. The wife’s family has been complaining that he was not doing anything on her.”