I’ve never dated a Nigerian – Uche Jombo

I've never dated a Nigerian - Uche Jombo

In an interview with Sunday scoop, the mother of one who got married to Kenney Rodriguez in 2012 said she’s ever comfortable dating a foreigner – when asked to explain how she’s able to cope with a non Nigerian in marriage.

Her words:

“Before I got married, I had always dated people who lived outside Nigeria. As a result, being married to someone who lives abroad does not seem bizarre. I didn’t plan to marry someone who lives abroad. Rather, it just happened.”

The Nollywood actress also chipped in an advice for young girls,saying:

:Marry because you know this is what you want to do once in your lifetime. You have to be married to someone you can do everything with. Don’t marry because people say it is time to get someone. Get married for yourself. The pressure today will not be worth the ache tomorrow.”