I’ve been married to the devil himself, woman laments

I've been married to the devil himself, woman laments

From a female blog reader:

Been married for 8years with kids and for 6years I keep wishing for death to come and take me! I got married to devil himself! My marriage isn’t the reason why I’m sending this but i will share a quick summary of it. My husband of 8years beats me every second and I’m not exaggerating this, he will flog me with cane n belt, punch me like punching bag n i had almost 3miscarriages! He will punch me i go apologize for what I didn’t do. He locks me up, I still apologize to him so he can set me free! Heck he even partially blinded me on different occasions and i ran to my parents house only for them to send me back to my husband, in their on words “you have no room here.” Did I also mention he fucked 2of my friends? N cheats like a dog on heat!
Fast forward to when i met the world best man (yes my husband pushed me into the arms of another man and I don’t regret it) treats me like a lady, loves and cares for me. I av never accepted penny from him bcos money isn’t the issue cos Boss(what i call my husband) is self made! The new guy is filthy rich also but the problem is he is married (I know it’s bad but please don’t judge me) he is miserable in his marriage too. The whole ish started when i had another miscarriage this time for the new guy, Boss was beating me bcos I accidentally bashed the range he bought for me and in the process i lost the baby! I couldn’t tell the new guy bcos he swore on his Mother’s grave to beat Boss to pulp if he ever lays his hands on me again! When he asked me of our love child I told him i lost it and he got angry that i lied to him, that I didn’t just loose it that boss must have beaten me and removed the pregnancy! Now he has refused to take my calls or reply my messages! I av been in pain for days, this is the 2nd Man i av ever loved (first man was Boss bcos he took my virginty) please Joro followers help me here! I don’t want to loose the new guy! Please don’t tell me to fix my marriage bcos you can’t fix something that is dead! If it’s time for beating, i will just calmly endure the 15minutes beating and the only thing that gives me hope is this new guy anytime I’m receiving the beating! I can’t divorce for the sake of my kids.