It’s Not Mandatory For Buhari To Visit Agatu Despite Killing Of Over 300 By His Kinsmen – Presidency

It's Not Mandatory For Buhari To Visit Agatu Despite Killing Of Over 300 By His Kinsmen - Presidency

Presidential spokesman Femi Adesina has blasted critics who suggested that President Muhammadu Buhari should pay homage to the Agatu where over 300 people were killed and properties razed by Fulani herdsmen.

Femi Adesina reacted in an interview on The Osasu Show:

“A section of this country wants a talkative president and it doesn’t work that way. When the Agatu thing happened, we issued a statement – a statement in which President Buhari said he would ask for briefings, and it would be looked into.

Some people kept saying Agatu, Agatu, he has not spoken, and I asked myself, what else would he say after the statement that has been issued. We are used to the style of the last administration in which whenever anything happens, the president would go there.

But do you know that before that last president left, that style had begun to backfire. They had begun to say, every day he would go there, he would go here, what comes out of it? When anything happens and the presidency speaks on it, anybody who wants to remain deaf to it, there’s then nothing that can be done.

There are many ways to kill a snake. Going there to visit is not the only way. In 9 months, see the difference that has been made in the insurgency war. How many times did you see the president at the theatre of war, but see the difference that has been made. Results are what matter.

The wailing wailers, you’d see that I used that expression not quite a month or two into the life of the administration. Now, how will a new administration, and maybe whenever the president says something, you just start hearing noise, wah, wah, wah, wah, like a child whose lollipop has been taken away.

They didn’t want to give an opportunity for the government, and that was why I said why are they wailing like wailers. Mr. President has no other things he does than to serve Nigeria. What can the people do? The people can support him; the wailing wailers should stop wailing and rather begin to encourage.”