Is he hiding something? – Lady says boyfriend won’t upload her pic on FB

Is he hiding something? - Lady says boyfriend won't upload her pic on FB
From a female blog reader: 

I need some advice. I have a Yoruba guy that I have been dating for almost 9 months now; we began dating while he was in the US, and we have continued dating. We talk and video chat every day and I love him a lot. He is in Nigeria now, but scheduled to come back to the US in a few weeks. The issue is that he says he loves me so much, but he won’t let me post on his social media and he refuses to change his relationship status. He is really popular on his social media accounts and he claims he won’t do it because it will cause drama and that the blogs may post something and it will have a negative impact on our relationship. He has a good job in Nigeria that will be an even better job in the US since it is a doctorate level position and I have a good job. When he comes to the US he will be staying with me. I have no issues with him meeting my family and the most important people to me, but I can’t even post on his social media and he won’t change his relationship status. I’m not sure if he is hiding something or someone, or is he ashamed of me? I don’t have issues with attracting men even though I’m a little on the plus size.

What do you all think?