Infinix Brand And Top 5 Phones

Infinix Brand And Top 5 Phones

The mobile phone market, both Nigerian and international, is incredibly diverse, but the biggest competition is happening between the two most popular operating systems, iOS and Android. While Apple is the only one producing iOS-based phones, Android can be seen on devices from dozens of brands, including Infinix – one of the fastest growing mobile brands in the world. Find out more about Infinix and their 5 most noteworthy models.

Infinix brand

The history of Infinix started not too long ago, as the company was established in 2013 in Hong-Kong. It took just a year for the brand to receive international notoriety as the producer of affordable yet perfectly operating Android smartphones. Infinix based its philosophy on unmatched quality of the devices, cutting-edge innovations, and a practical approach towards design. The company is also very serious about the quality checking process and reliability of their phones, which is why you can expect your new Infinix phone to last for a long time.
Buying a new smartphone can be challenging, especially if you don’t know where to make the purchase. Try looking for Infinix phones for sale, where the excellent service and outstanding quality of the products meets the unbeatable prices. Below you’ll find top 5 Infinix models.

Infinix Hot S

The Hot S model became the first Infinix phone to feature an all-metal body and a fingerprint sensor, which automatically places it above the competition. Plus, this Infinix phone sports a mid-size display, which is especially useful for those customers who never got used to the giant smartphones that are currently dominating the market.

Infinix Big 6

If you belong to the group of customers who prefer larger smartphones, this model is an ideal choice for you. The 6-inch Big 6 actually falls into the phablet category and takes the best features from the two device types. One of the most noteworthy features of the Big 6 is its faster charging and longer lasting battery, as well as a more efficient processor.

Infinix Zero

Infinix chose the Zero as their flagship model for 2014, but even two years later this smartphone still looks and feels very modern. The design of the Infinix Zero differs considerably from the majority of other smartphones, most importantly, in terms of its look and thickness, so if you prefer sleeker, more elegant phones, check out the Zero.

Infinix Hot 3

The Hot 3 model comes in four fun and elegant colors and features the newest Android version. The 5.5-inch display delivers high quality images and allows you to fully enjoy your favorite videos and games. The overall look and feel of this model is very premium, which is a very welcome addition to its affordable price.

Infinix Hot

When it comes to affordable Infinix smartphones, the original Hot model takes the prize, as it can be purchased for as little as ₦15,000. However, the low price isn’t reflected in the appearance of functionality of the device – the solid performance, expandable memory, 5-inch display, 8MP rear camera, and dual SIM support are exactly what most buyers are looking for in a smartphone.

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