I’m tired of this marriage already, young woman laments

I'm tired of this marriage already, young woman laments

From a female blog reader:

Pls post this for me..Keep me anonymous. Am 28 yrs old married to a young man of 34 . we have a daughter. Before we got married we went for series of test. Fast forward to wen I became pregnant n went for my ANCs in general hospital, it was discovered DAT am As n my hubby too is As. I became sad n confused. So I began to pray. God gave me a baby with AA genotype. But we have issues DAT made out marriage sour. The love DAT existed btw us is no longer strong. He misbehavior is increasing daily. Not to talk of how he beats me up even when I was pregnant. The lil issues here is DAT he don’t provide for d family as a man should. No money for upkeep for d family. I became disappointing considered he insisted we should get married b4 I served. Presently we are living in dia family house no signs of moving out to start our own life. Sorry to say dis, he is very lazy n not ready to learn nor change. He’s not in good terms with my family either. He’s mum is always coming in btw us. We haven’t done our white wedding yet. I just finished my yut service n about to start work next week. I want to quit d marriage go with my child to start a new life without her father. Its not easy for me either. We might stay 5-6 months no romance nor sex. Even when I initiate d act he refuses. Am looking worn out every day cos of emotional stress. Pls family be sincere n tell me Ur take on this..should I stay n pretend all is moving well for d sake of my baby or should I get separation as my mum suggested. Am waiting..