I’m thinking about suicide after he did this to me – Girl cries out

I'm thinking about suicide after he did this to me - Girl cries out

From a female blog reader:

God bless your good work and bless your followers too I love your platform. Pls post asap please
I’m 25yrs old and a graduate, I met this man immediately after my project in school, he came to me and we worked things out and we started dating cos I like his kind of person, but as time goes on when the love was getting stronger from my side he made me realize he’s married…… OMG it was like a bomb cos I was already into him and addicted and I couldn’t turn back, so I continued to date him few month’s later I got pregnant for him he suggested abortion which I stood against,but he threatened my life so I accepted, he took me to a Doctor Who removed the baby, after he came to apologize with his friend cos I was never happy about it, I forgave him and we continue dating, shortly again I got pregnant for him for the second time he took me to a doctor for a check up not knowing he planed with the doctor to abort the baby. After which I woke up from sleep and find myself at home with cotton wool in my private part I fainted, he started apologising again but this time I was so mad. But still I love him, I couldn’t leave him more like a Bondage even when I find out he was not into any business but he’s into yahoo and fraud and yet very stingy This man doesn’t give me anything except tears and intimidation but I still find myself loving him.
Here is the main issue recently he called me to tell me that his wife is having IVF soon so she can have a baby so therefore we can’t continue dating that I should forget about everything that happened between us that he’s ready to father a child from his wife. I fainted again.
Pls readers what have I done to deserve this?
Am not ugly, am hard working and intelligent
Pls Adivce me I beg you in the name of God seems my life is gonna end what should I do to him pls ?soon  pls Post plssssss