I’m in a fix because of no-sex relationship

I'm in a fix because of no-sex relationship

From a female blog reader:

I’m a 26years old graduate, I believe in what people says that a problem share is halve solved. I got into a relationship at age 17 after writing my first waec preparing for rewrite with a 22 years old undergraduate. The relationship lasted for 4 year but I only enjoy the first year of my relationship. Things change when I was disvirgin, my boyfriend no longer call me often but I keep enduring and remain silent, I keep things to myself because I don’t want to loose my first, he doesn’t call on me. I keep asking him if their is something wrong seriously he alwys say no, I tried to get him with everything I pay visitation to him often, give him money even thou hes from a rich family all these never get me his attention not until a day he called me and said his over, I wept, I even apologise and I felt so much hurts that I ran to God and promise God not to have sex until my wedding night. This decision is now affecting me because I knew it hard this day for guys to accept that in a relationship. 4month ago I was introduced to a guy in texas and we are both in love with each other, now he’s planning to invite me to texas and am really scare to go because of mt vowed to God thou I brief him about this but I’m scared of my feelings because I don’t we won’t have sex and also don’t know if visiting him is right thou is paying for all my expense…friends I see this as an opportunity and I look up to your suggestions because I want to love without betraying God.