“I’m facing sack. Should I sell my body to meet my company target?”

"I'm facing sack. Should I sell my body to meet my company target?"
From a female blog reader who needs urgent help:

I hope this mail meets you well?

I need advice and help maybe but this time, it’s not about a relationship.
I currently work for a real estate company in Lagos as a sales executive. I have been there about 7 months.

At the very beginning things were going well, I was optimistic about selling and meeting my monthly targets but it hasn’t been easy.

I have tried my best, but clients are not forth coming. I am likely going to loose my job soon. I have thought of resigning but then again the situation right now isn’t helping matters.

However some people are selling especially the older staff, I don’t know how they do it but God knows I have tried and sometimes my marketing is aggressive. The closest I have gotten to closing a deal always leads to the client wanting to sleep with me and I will never sell my body for a company or sleep with anyone to meet my target. I know they don’t care how I sell the house, I am very pretty and I have heard several people say I should use what I have to close deals but I can’t.
Should I resign and hope for better? I am confused.
Thank you.