I’m in a dilemma of who to date, girl laments

I'm in a dilemma of who to date, girl lamentsFrom a female blog reader:

 I am a 300l student of a federal university and I have this best friend (a guy) that I met when I was in 100l, we were quite close and as at the time I met him I had a boyfriend I thought I was in a serious relationship with, at d end of d day I suffered this terrible breakup with him and my best friend was there for me…I had so much fun with him and people thought we were dating…he also had this girl he was crushing on since his secondary school so majorly we both had people we liked. After sometime, I decided to try my luck again with guys and dated someone in my school, this guy promised me so many things like he was not going to hurt me and all and I finally agreed to date him on one Saturday night. On the the following Monday, my best friend called me and I was super excited to tell him I had gotten a boyfriend, coincidentally he called me to tell me that he liked me, I was confused and I didn’t know what to say Because I was and had always been madly in love with him, but my girly ego won’t let me say, he was devastated when he learnt I had a boyfriend. We closed the issue and continued being friends but then everything is now very complicated because we kiss and make out and he is waiting for me to break up with my boyfriendI have been dating my boyfriend for about one year now and I don’t love him like I love my best friend, but I find it difficult to break up with him because I don’t want to av it on my conscience that I broke up with one guy because of another, what if the relationship with my best friend goes wrong?… Plus my boyfriend is a very popular person in my school and everyone knows us together and his friends like me a lot, he also has a fragile heart and keeps telling me not to leave him.My best Friend is always hurt when I am with my boyfriend to the extent that he cries at times, all his friends think he is a fool for waiting for me to break up with my boyfriend and that is what hurts him