I’m confused between my ex and this new girl I want to marry – guy laments

I'm confused between my ex and this new girl I want to marry - guy laments

From a male blog reader:

Just got to know about your platform and I decided I should write in. I have been seeing his girl for over a month and some part of me is willing to take this relationship to the marriage stage, but here are my issues. First, my male cousin introduced her to me and they both dated in the past, tho he’s married now. Two we are from benin, and does anyone know if culturally it is allowed or a good thing to move ahead with ? I don’t want to ask family members because it will sound too suspicious.

Also, the other dilemma is that my ex wants me back, and she’s ready for the marriage proposal after I went to see her mom and she was busy chasing another guy to be his second wife because he earns better for now. Well, my prob is a part of me still wants her back maybe because I have known her for some years, but this new girl is good, and I know she’s a home maker and keeper.

How do you recognize the sign that this new girl is the real deal ? Cuz her presence has brought about the realization of some projects we have been pursuing while each time my ex shows up even we were dating, if its just a hand filled sand I pick or am working on, it will just scatter and I have to start over again.

Before the insults starts flowing in, pls note that I am bold enough to paste my story and thats because I want to choose write and if you want a brother to make the right decision in life you advice him better. Because marriage is the home, the heart, marriage is where happiness start, if a man does well and progresses to the height of achievement, it is because of his home and marriage.

So I need different opinions on all my questions!

Pls hide my identity before my pple starts calling my phone!