I’m afraid of relocating to America with my husband-to-be, lady cries out

I'm afraid of relocating to America with my husband-to-be, lady cries out

From a female blog reader:

Dear fam, I really need advice in Making a decision. My boyfriend and I have been together for 6 years now. We started dating in my first year so we’ve been together for long but am just 24. He is just great, he loves me with everything he has and am sure of it. We are getting married in December. However, sometime last year March he got a job in the US that pays four times his pay in Nigeria so he traveled abroad and we’ve been doing the long distance thing. His stay was initially supposed to be for a year but it was renewed this year April for 5 years and the chances of it being renewed again afterwards is looking good. He’ll be back in December for us to get married and then he wants us to leave for the US together. It doesn’t sound like much of a problem and I sound myopic but I don’t want to go. Please understand before u start insulting me. I have this fear of leaving my family, my friends, leaving the life I know behind for a strange country. I want my mum to carry my kids and realistically that won’t happen if am there and she’s here. I can’t just up and leave. It’ll be just me and him there, I know Noone else there. I love my boyfriend, I want to be with him,but this is a life-changing decision for me as well. Please don’t suggest us living separately after marriage. My mum laughed when I told her about my fears, she said how can I see the good life and think twice about it. That’s it’s because am the last child and that “Iya ti mo mi lara”(am used to being a suffer head). If there is anyone who has made such a move before, please share ur experience with me, tell me how you adjusted. He said he’ll get me a job and all. It’s just a really big step that I don’t know how to tackle. Just advice please, don’t insult. Thank you,