“I’m a 17-year-old apprentice and my girlfriend is requesting me to steal money from my boss”

 "I'm a 17-year-old apprentice and my girlfriend is requesting me to steal money from my boss"
From a blog reader (please pardon the very naive grammar):

Sorry to disturb y’all from ya peaceful sleep, but I pretty need some thoughts here..
OK, here lies my story…. After my Waec exams, couple of months ago, no thoughts to further, not like I don’t want to, but Dad wanted me to go and learn trade, which I couldn’t do anything than to agree, as money no dae Sha.. To cut the story short(leave my boring life). Like 4months later, I came to The ever promising hustling Center City names Lagos, to learn business with one of my kinsmen (Dad’s idea).. Well here I am, in a provision store, actually my uncle(how do I put it, he’s not really mah uncle) has other shops, so he gave me the one I found interest in to manage, pretty cool huh?? Now, here’s some news flash. Uncle asked me to keep record of everything that I sells in his shop, I don’t know how he do it(or do I say does it?, I wasn’t really one of the brightest in school, so pardon me) but the man, knows almost everything in the shop, in conclusion, when ever a good is missing, be it 10# sugar, and it’s not found In the sales book, I’m done for(you know free transport back to my parents) uncle na no dae use business play, as Anambra man sha..
OK, four days ago, was it on Wednesday… This pretty lady came to my shop to but provision, when I saw her, Man I realize it’s been long I did one thing I do best(aside business) I used that opportunity to engage her into a chat, she be fine gel, me too na fine bobo (as my friends say, or are they just making jest of me??) at the end of the conversation, we exchanged contacts? I later Learnt She’s 100 level in Unilag, name is FK(any yeroba, What does that even mean?).
Well the fun part is that within this four days of knowing FK, I have spent 2.500# just in sending her cards, taking free indomitable and eggs, bread and butter, brother and sister… I never even confess Amy feelings to this lady, just I like you nai I don text ever, I never even ask her to be my gf, just yesterday she requested 15,000k from me, says she got an issue at school. I no fit carry my oga money give her na, the fear of my uncle is the beginning of wisdom. I simply told her I have none ( I mean I’m only 17yr old, I don’t even have an account). Today again FK told me that she’s going back to school, and she needs some provision(for those that see my story as cook and bull, I have screenshort evidence) and I can’t just give her the things she requested, I’m even yet to make up the one I spent on her in the sales book. Another thing is, when ever she passes my shop with her friends, even when she sees me, she don’t even say hi, she just snubs me like I’m noting, only to always text me later, that she’s out of airtime, she could have called me (indirect mean of requesting for credits)

Now, what do I do about this her demands, , its not like I’m even dating her, we only met four days ago, I just can’t meet up with her expenses, Older Bros and Aunt what do I do? She’s coming tomorrow, your advices will decide what I’m to do next. 

 See the message exchange between the two young lovers:

"I'm a 17-year-old apprentice and my girlfriend is requesting me to steal money from my boss"

Dearies, what would you advise this young man?