“I will throw my wife out of the house next time I get a report of her gossip”

"I will throw my wife out of the house next time I get a report of her gossip"

From an infuriated male blog reader:

Viewers on this page please hear me, so that when I react or divorce my wife they will not tag it common gossip .
My wife is a talkative,I use to admire that part of her when we where dating because she was very bold and out spoken but as soon as we got married she turned to a gossip . She will go from door to door, house to house talking about people, digging up dirt that does not concern her and creating problem for us. She will be following people’s husbands and calling their wives to give them information of his where about, this is becoming very irritating.
I have tried to call her to order but instead she wil even add me to the gossip and be telling the whole world how small my dick is and all that rubbish. My wife has been suspended from work 2 times because of them say them say, but she will not listen .
This woman has been arrested 3 times because of gossip but she won’t listen, how do I handle this, because if I want to explode, it will be drastic and people won’t believe it. She is following this page so ladies advise her because we are not talking for now.
The next report I get I will throw her out of my house.