I wasn’t lying about the N14 million stolen by robbers – Mr. Ibu

Nigerian comic actor, Mr Ibu, who was reported to have lost the sum of N14.3 million to robbers who attacked his home last week has spoken up regarding the robbery.

The Nigerian actor who later revealed that the perpetrators of the act had been caught using the CCTV footage available in his estate also responded to people who doubted the integrity of his report especially regarding the stolen sum of money.

The actor while speaking during a chat with Sunday Scoop said; “When I said I lost N14m, there was a misconception that it was all in cash but that was not the case. One million Naira cash, and properties worth over N13m were carted away.”

He added: “Some of the items the robbers stole included gold wristwatches, necklaces and jewellery. They also stole shoes belonging to me and my wife, and a lot of other items.

“The trauma is still very much for my wife and kids. They are still in shock because the thieves knocked down the doors of the house and you can imagine the type of noise they would have made at the time they came, which was about 3am.”

Speaking on insinuations that he lied about the value of the properties which were carted away, the actor said: “The total cost of all the things that were stolen is even more than the N14m that I said. I have no reasons to lie about that.”

Adding that the robbery was facilitated by a security breach in his home.

He said: “I live in a renowned estate for crying out loud, and we have different types of security in place. I am totally surprised as to how such an incident could have happened. Right now, I feel someone gave the robbers some information. However, some arrests have been made already. We identified two of us those who were arrested from the CCTV footage.”