“I want to marry my boyfriend but dad says that he’s not in my level”

"I want to marry my boyfriend but dad says that he's not in my level"

From a blog reader:

Please hide my identity, I am a gal of 25yrs old, am about to get married to a guy i love but my dad is not in support of it, His reason is dat d guy is 2 quiet and he’s not wealthy cos i come from a rich home. My dad thinks dat he’s nt my level and dat pple will laugh at him 4 allowing him 2 marry d guy. My guy is such wonderful person, he’s caring, hardworking, honest and above all Godfearing. I have prayed and cried to God 2 show me a sign dat he’s my husband cos my dad feels dat i will suffer financially in d marriage if i eventually marry my guy.(besides he’s comfortable). I told my dad dat i hv made up my mind 2 marry him and dad is going crazy. Pls am so worried i dnt knw wat to do and i dnt want 2 regret dis marriage. Pls help, i need an honest advice.