“I want to marry him but he is ugly in appearance”

"I want to marry him but he is ugly in appearance"

From a female blog reader:

Hello good day, I must commend your good work please keep it up,
I have this very persistent suitor who has been on my case for three years now, he actually asked me out when we met but I refused because i don’t like his physical aprearance, to be very honest I love everything else about him aside his looks, he has a very good job and comes from a very good family and he is very nice person and he respects me a lot, We connect very well when we talk over the phone. But his bad looks is just a total turn off for me, I won’t be proud of him , he is short and not fine at all, and he even has bald head?( pls am not am not laughing at God’s creature) but I fear for my children cos I want cute kids. I have been with him several times and I AV never let him touch me cos am just not sexually attracted to him, it just feels like he is irritating me, it’s that serious. But am so sure he loves me, am 24 yrs and i feel like age is no more on my side .Am a graduate though am jobless for now. Though I am 100 percent sure that I won’t suffer cos he is very comfortable, but i just can’t marry a man I do not love. He called me some days ago saying he wants me to come meet his parents in uyo that he is very much ready to marry me now, but I told him am not ready yet, then He said he can wait for 1 year at most. Am just so scared cos what if, he is my husband will I push him away because of his looks? What if I tell him to go will I find someone better? am just so confused pls advice me ( his looks is just the problem)