“I want to get married to him but he’s weird sometimes”

"I want to get married to him but he's weird sometimes"

From a female blog reader:

Am 21 years old in my 500 level presently dating a Dr who is 30years old. I met him through a friend …he has been asking me to take him to my parents of which I am planning to do so by December.. The problem is I love him but Iam not sure if I love this guy enough to marry him, I mean he doz old school tinz , he gets angry when I say some things (he tells me that dey are disrespectful) these are things I say to every other person. He thinks Instagram is childish and worst of all we don’t see things with the same view.. . Apart from that, he doz some tinz like yawning without closing his mouth, eating with his mouth close to d plate etc.. And when I want to say sumtin about it, he picks up a fyt. The good thing is that he is very caring and loving atimes and down to earth when it comes to that .Here is d problem …he gets angry a lot and I feel if I can correct some of these things, I may love him ..please is there anyway u guys think I can talk to him with