“I trusted my girlfriend but she did this to me”

"I trusted my girlfriend but she did this to me"

From a male blog reader:

This is my problem. I am in a relationship with this girl, I am madly in love with this girl and would do anything humanly possible to see this girl happy. I swear I have never cheated on her and I’ve never thought of even doing such. I can’t stand another girls touch, is how much I love my girl. Then some weeks ago I started having this feeling that she was cheating. I wasn’t sure. Until a couple days ago I went through her phone and I discovered she has been seeing some other guy. I felt terrible bad ! That I cried. I trusted this girl.

She told me I could trust her and I did. I confronted her about my discovery, she was very remorseful and begged me not to leave her that she was only playing along with this guy because of the materialistic things she stood to gain. She swore that she never had slept with him or anything like that. I will be sincere I forgave her almost instantly, maybe before she even apologized. But the problem is this;After that discovery. We have tried to act like nothing ever happen and pushed every thing behind us

 But I’m still hurting so bad that I cry when I think about it. I feel terribly heartbroken and betrayed and I don’t want to let her go. I still love her so much but I don’t trust her. Every little she does I begin to suspect her. What should I do ? Should I just break up with her ?or should I continue with the relationship and hope things work out with time. I’m just so confused and hurt . I will appreciate every positive and helpful opinion.