“I think I married a fuckboy – lady laments”

"I think I married a fuckboy - lady laments"

From a female blog reader:

I think I married a fuck boy
I have a deep problem that has been eating me up and killing me inside and I need to speak out. I have been hearing of fuck boys but I don’t know if I married a fuck boy.
I met my husband in his saloon where I went to make my hair last 2 years,we exchanged numbers and started talking and we decided to get married. During courtship I enjoyed the relationship because he was very good in bed and very huge down his pants so the sex was very explosive which even made me fall in love the more. Not until we got married and this guy became a total complete Nuisance, he will sit and be watching me suffer my self with house chores, I will cook,wash,clean,fuck his insatiable dick and still provide sometimes for the family,all he does is run his balls and always erect for sex. This man will spend hours in the mirror combing bears and styling his hair,if you get to his salon he will be busy laughing loud like a cow and chewing gum. If I complain he will say baby I know you want fuck, come and suck it. Everything to him is sex sex sex, am tired really tired, their is no atom of man in him. Even the sex now irritates me because that is the only thing he is good at, after that nothing else. With everything I read on the internet I have concluded that I married a fuck boy, but how do I change him? How do I talk to him? I just wish I can run away because it’s too early to start talking about divorce. He even wears earring and those long blink blink chain with pencil Jean sagged to his ass, it’s very irritating help me.