“I think he’s old school and lies a bit. Should I date him?”

"I think he's old school and lies a bit. Should I date him?"

From a female blog reader:

Please post my story and keep me Anon thanks and God bless…
I find it hard to believe what guys say because of my past relationship and am naturally like that… I met this guy that somehow brags he’s been in the Uk and some other things like that, he’s in his early 30’s… He’s so playful and adventurous…and I love that… When I met him the chemistry was just there, which I don’t get a lot with guys, he even made me spill out my all the bad things I have done and he did same also, he’s talking about dating and getting married, which is what I want now tho am 22 and prolly get married 23 or 24…though, I like the fact that he’s so cool, fun to be with and all but the problem is his house seem so old school and he is old school, he stays in his fathers house boys quarters, and he still talks about lots of house his dad has, his outfit sef were just old school and me I don’t like that… Not that I am seriously looking for a rich husband o but at least he should be okay and dress well haba! The funniest thing was he said he has not had sex for a year now! Huh? Who says that? Such a lie… He even said some naija babes he met wants to marry him because he’s a uk citizen hmm.. He says things that seem true while backed up with some lies mehn! Can I deal? I don’t know but I like his courage he’s a lawyer… He told me a lot of bad things he did while outside the country but still I am doubting him maybe it’s one of those scopes lol I dunno… I would like him better if he could at least dress modern and not smoke or prolly not lie… So please I need your honest advice, please no insults… Thanks everyone