I think he’s cheating but I can’t let go – lady seeks advice

I think he's cheating but I can't let go - lady seeks advice

From a blog reader:

I have been dating with this guy of mine of whom when i actually met him i told my heart and mind that he is surely my husband.At first our love was full of beautiful aroma anyone around could smell and tell..we loved each other so much and i fully trusted him..things turned out wen i found love messages in his phone and realizing it was his x..He tried to make me understand and forgive him of which i did..We moved on with our love and another day he couldnt pick his phone with my presence coming to find out it was my girlfriend calling and she was saved so romantically…it was hard for me cause at first he lied tht it was his x calling but after searching i came to realize it wasnt.

Now tht we have like seven months and we have through so much..he just made up his mind for us to break up just because i called one of his friends since their friendship gave me doubt and finding out tht he was after tht gal( according to the lady)..i love him so much and it is so hard for me to let him go..he once told me tht there was nothing between them but iI couldn’t believe it coz the lady had his number saved as my love…please help me the go ahead.
I’m stranded..he told me he needs time to think if he can change his mind.