“I think God saved me from a Yahoo boy”

"I think God saved me from a Yahoo boy"

From a female blog reader:

Good evening family,I’m an active reader of your stories…please keep me anonymous. I’m a 19 year old lady,never thought I’d ever post on here but I feel pained and betrayed cause my heart was played with. So I met a guy on instagram, he dm’d and I replied and it took off from there. We exchanged contacts and we actually got to know that we knew ourselves,his sister is actually a friend of mine. Anyways things got heated up and in space of days,he asked me out. Till now I didn’t agree to date him but I guess my actions/ feelings (I’m very emotional so you’d easily notice)didn’t hide for long cause to him we were already together. I’m actually a free person so I told him everything(almost) about me even up to the amount I earn. I actually earn a lot for my age and he’s in school but I’m done and I work.It happened that he asked me to lend him some money,almost 2thousand euros and I was ready to give it,alas God had my back or should I say I have it a third thought. My mind plainly said no because I don’t even have any guarantee that I’ll get my money back, he lives in Nigeria and I’m in London. Alas,the relationship went sour since the day I told him I couldn’t send the money. He stopped chatting and calling like he used to,it went completely sour. This is someone I gave all my time too. After few days,he called me and said he would stop calling/texting and all,deleted me from all social media then I realized it was God! I kept thinking what if I had given him what he asked me and then all of a sudden,he deletes my number or he blocks me like he did, how will I get my money back? Then and there,I decided should I be involved with anyone in the future,to keep my mouth shut,ie you shouldn’t disclose your paycheck to someone you’re are not sure of. I just had to get this over with by writing this to you. Thanks and have a lovely week still!