“I suspect he just wants to waste my time before moving on with someone else”

"I suspect he just wants to waste my time before moving on with someone else"

From a female blog reader:

I met this guy on a dating site, he called and sounded sweet and nice. We started chatting and said he is very emotional and said I shouldn’t treat him like his ex’s did, which I promise not too but sudden he needed this attention he is not giving and wants me to be all over him o, he didn’t call me after the first n second calling that made us introduce ourselves and when I ask why he doesn’t call he will say he is not use to call but chat only, I said OK.. When we chat and I don’t reply on time he picks offence, and ignore me till i chat him n ask why he is quiet. There was a day he sent me a message that he can’t sleep because am not treating him right and were as I didn’t see anything I did… The only thing that discourage me from him was when he said he packed his ex’s stuff to go drop at her house because he doesn’t want to see her that if he sees her he will have pity on her and they will continue dating… So tell me how can I deal with sure person that not sure of what he wants yet because we r not in same location and his ex’s is same location with him, I don’t want be a chick that will be nursing someone morning till night just to make him forget his ex’s since he is not ready to let go of her yet… Did I do d right thing or not please I need your sincere answer and advice on this house… Thanx