I still bedwet at 21 – lady cries out

I still bedwet at 21 - lady cries out

From a female blog reader:

I’m 21 of age and I still bed wet. I’ve done everything possible to make sure it doesn’t keep occurring ranging from setting alarm, eating and drinking less even abstaining from sex and all. But after few months when it’s like it’s working and I’ve not wet the bed; I sleep and wake probably the next day and find myself in a pool of my own urine. I’m getting frustrated.
It’s really eating me up because it’s affecting me socially, emotionally, even physically I’m withdrawn and mostly lost in thought.

I’m very beautiful both inwardly and outwardly and I don’t look like I would be having such a problem.

I’ve been rejecting potential boyfriends (and they think it’s their fault probably they aren’t good enough for me) even suitors I’ve turned down (the rich, average, comfortable) due to my predicament.

I dunno who I’ve offended in this life because I’m a reserved and quiet person (I’m an introvert) .
Please I need your sincere advice on what I can do….
No insults pls I’m already hurt….