I love my husband, Nnamdi Kanu still agitating for Biafra – Wife

I love my husband, Nnamdi Kanu still agitating for Biafra - Wife

Uchechi Kanu, wife of Biafran secessionist Nnamdi Kanu who was released from detention on bail Friday said that her spouse will continue his agitation for the actualization of a separate Biafra Republic from Nigeria.

According to her,

“The British laid the foundation of the contraption called Nigeria, made up of the Biafra people, Oduduwa and Arewa people and these people were all of different culture, religion and believe towards things of life.

“We are all different in everyway and are not actually meant to be together.
“In fact, all the resources in Nigeria is coming from the Biafra land but then they are using the proceeds to develop the Nothern and Southern part. They, government, is using all the resources from Biafra land to give others a better life, whereas, the Biafrans are suffering.

“We don’t have better schools, roads and not even jobs. They just continuously press us down politically and otherwise and is why they don’t want us to leave.

“I will say referendum is not a bad idea but the people need to understand why we want Biafra and when that is done almost everybody is voting out. That is what Nnamdi Kanu is doing, sensitising his people, creating awareness.
“People have come to realise that this is really what it should be, if he stops along the way then it means he has been defeated or he don’t know what he wanted in the first place.

“If you ask for a bread because you are hungry and then you are thrown into jail and released still without the bread, you are still hungry aren’t you? So you still ask for your bread, except you weren’t hungry in the first place.”