“I Love My Fiance Who Is Outside The Country But My Ex Wants To Marry Me Now!”

"I Love My Fiance Who Is Outside The Country But My Ex Wants To Marry Me Now!"

This email was sent in by a female blog reader. Read and drop your candid advice, thanks:

I have been in a relationship for 7 years, in this relationship i was in, the guys father never like me from the day he heard my name. My boyfriend then asked him severally even the mum also asked the dad why he didnt like me, but he was not able to give any reason.

Myself and this my boyfriend has had several breakup due to his father not liking me.

The third time i broke up with him was because he beat me up and left several injury on me. He came back to beg and apologize and all then i accepted him back. A time came when we planed to do our wedding, when his dad heard of it he never supported it. Our Pastors asked him why he never wanted us to be together but still there was no reason given.

After this incident my family said i cant marry him since his father has never accepted me. I was not able to let go cos i was thinking how i will throw away the 7 years of relationship, but not quite long my boyfriend came to me and said he wanted us to breakup since his father wont accept, i cried n cried but at the end i decided to let go.

After 6 months i heard he has done introduction with a girl the father like and all. after a year now the same guy is now calling me saying he wants us to come back together and get married, he said he does not love the girl he was forced to do introduction with by his dad, he said he has told the girl he didnt love her and cant marry her,he also said his dad has accepted that we can get married now. DO I GO BACK TO HIM OR NOT?

During this last breakup we had, i met a very nice guy by name Sammy he has been so nice and good to me, When i and Sammy met it was not up to 6 months before Sammy traveled out of the country. He was supposed to be away from the country for 2 years then he will return and we will do our wedding. Sammy loves me alot, he is a God fearing person but recently he told me he’s not sure of his coming home in next 2 years as planed, when i asked him what the new plan is and when he will return home he said he cant say, Sammy still loves me and wants us to be together but i am worried how long i will have wait before he returns. And now my ex boyfriend is saying he wants us to get married. i am just confused.

What do i do please? I need advise please.