“I love him but my parents are keeping us apart”

"I love him but my parents are keeping us apart"

From a blog reader:

Please keep me anonymous. I am in a serious state of confusion right now. I dated a guy for 3yrs and some months now and he has seen my parents but because of cultural differences both parents r finding it difficult to accept us getting married, my mum has put too much pressure on me to get married becos all my cousins of same age group are married and I’m still young though. She’s been forcing me to just ignore him and move on and we love each other very much even if i push him away he comes back strong trying to please me. I met this other guy who is my mum’s perfect person for me (same culture and all) and we got talking on a plain ground until he told me he likes me and wants to marry me, I explained every thing to him about my boyfriend and my parents ish and he said he doesn’t care he’ll compete to win me meanwhile momsi has still been disturbing on phone to bring some one that her man of God told her there is someone now so I told her yes there is but I don’t love him and she said I’ll grow to love him since he loves me so everything is set she started announcing to family members that I have a husband now and asked me when he’s coming for a visit that delay is dangerous now both families are getting involved and i don’t still love him I’m not even sexually attracted to him pls help me what do I do cos I still love that other guy and he is ready to comply with whatever my parents want so he can marry me. Pls help me who do I choose here cos obviously my heart still remains with the first guy and i’m scared of hurting my parents and hurting myself too or should I call my father and explain better to him what I feel maybe he’ll understand. Pls I need help, advice me I’m confused.