I killed a chick and I feel very bad – blog reader laments

I killed a chick and I feel very bad - blog reader laments

From an anonymous blog reader who needs urgent advice:

Good afternoon House
I need your help and advice on the way forward, something strange happened this morning, I believe am in the right place to sort for help.
As I came out this blessed morning to spread my clothes, there’s this Hen and chick looking for what to peck on, as I approached them the Hen observing my gigantic footsteps flew away leaving her Chick only for me to release one of my feet, I hard a cry (chicken cry) coming from my feet. I had to release the other feet only to behold a Chick whose internal organs came out through the anus gasping for air. #Chai I felt like crying, in fact I did cry inside me. My brothers and sisters I just killed a Chick, am feeling like I committed murder. had to report myself to our Security guy who told me that the hen just gave birth to that chick yesterday and today was it’s first outing. My people this time around I cried, had to start saying sorry to the Hen wishing that she hears me. Had to observe her running up and down the compound, I believe she was restless. The sight was painful, had to go back to my room to sleep over it. Now here’s the reason for this #911 call. I came out to take in my clothes only for me to see the same hen staring at me. I repeat She was #staring . Am afraid seriously . Am about reporting my crime to my landlady who happens to be the owner. What should I do to appease this Hen, am thinking of sacrificing the 3 cups of rice I bought at the price of #150 per cup to show the Hen some love.#help me ppl.