I just hate my dad – Angry lady cries out

I just hate my dad - Angry lady cries out

From a female blog reader:

My heart is heavy. I have great feelings of hatred towards my father and I want God to punish him. This man left his family of 20yrs and 7 children and just disappeared after taking everything from us. My mum had to start from scratch with her civil servant income and you know how that is. Boy, did we suffer. Only for him to reappear one day out of the blue to come and be pretending to be father of the year. Now just fast forward 9yrs later my elder sister is a graduate and working, I am a graduate to awaiting service and floating a small business my immediate younger one though isn’t so fortunate because he choose to believe in our dad and now he is stuck in cyprus abandoned to his fate. Mind you my dad didn’t contribute a dime to the fact that I and my elder sister are standing on our own today. Now all I want in dis world is for my four younger siblings to not experience what I did and be exposed to the lack and hardship and every other things that cones with being this man’s child. I even begged him to take care of them. Now he is at it again. He’s not paying fees and that was d only thing he was doing before. Feeding and d other responsibilities he bluntly refused to do. My poor dear saint of a mother is besides herself in shock and sadness because dis man came to my shop and swore that he has paid their fees. This is a man who is a retired nnpc staff and also an nnpc contractor so u’ll understand my plight when I say I don’t understand how he can’t have money. I and my elder sister try to support my mum with what little we have while this man goes around town marry a different woman every year!!!! I want the full judgement of God to be brought upon him as I have decided in my soul to disown my father cos he might as well be dead to me. Before y’all start speculation Wether this is another nollywood home video I’ll do you a favour and tell your that everything I write here is true. I won’t want to go into specifics if not so many people here will recognise me. I just needed a faceless person to vent to.