I Have 13 Presidents On My Contact – Davido

Superstar Nigerian singer, Davido, has in a recent chat bragged about the success of his songs which sent him into another level of fame.

The singer who released some hit singles recently including ‘FIA’, and recently announced he made half a billion from his ’30 Billion Gang’ concert which held in December revealed that he has the phone numbers of 13 presidents on his contact list.

The trending Nigerian singer while speaking with MTV Base revealed that his father was originally not happy with his career path till he had to prove his worth.

He continued: “When I released the song ‘Back then’, I did not know that it was going to be that big. Then I went back to school and the love that I was shown was overwhelming, let alone the way girls began to treat me. That one song with the video made my father realise that I had the talent. And then, I did the song, ‘Dami Duro’.

“The song became so big and I remember that the President at the time called my father to talk about me and the song. Even during my father’s business meetings with his friends, they would mention my name and the song. Before long, I started travelling and doing shows around the world. Now I have the phone numbers of about 13 presidents on my phone and if I call them, they would answer the call. Then the award came and it set me on another level.”