“I got mad after I met another woman in his house but he hasn’t called to apologize”

"I got mad after I met another woman in his house but he hasn't called to apologize"

From a female blog reader:

Dear Admin, pls post my story but erase my email.
I have always loved and trusted my boyfriend. In fact we were madly in love with each other. I was outta town for 3 weeks so when I returned over the weekend, I rushed to his house to see my baby. He was so excited seeing me, he even cooked rice and stew and I felt so loved.
On Tuesday I decided to make him soup, I went to the market and bought different kinds of meats and even stock fish to make the soup rich. After cooking I put it in the freezer in my house but boo didn’t show up to carry it. I took the soup to his house Wednesday night and left back 2 my parents house. I called boo severally that night, he didn’t pick. The next morning by 6:30, I woke up and drove off to see my boo, i called severally before going oh nd he didnt pick, lo and behold I met a lady in his house, I was shocked, she was even d one that opened the door, greeted me and left quickly. I walked in and boo looked at me and said “babe, y did u come to my house uninvited? I was shocked, like is this real? I cook soup nd another woman comes to eat and spend d night with u. I left immediately, I saw the lady waiting for keke outside the building, but b4 I entered my car, she was gone. God knows I would have hit her down, I feel so terrible right now, boo hasn’t even called to say anything to me, I wont even call too. All he did was credit my account this evening.
My question is this “Was I wrong to have gone to his house without waiting for him to pick? “Why did the lady leave immediately she saw me? Boo works in a bank and d lady too I guess cos she was dressed in a suit, or could she be his boss? Why hasn’t he even called? Am just sad