“I found out my husband of 8 months is a cheat and now I’m leaving him”

"I found out my husband of 8 months is a cheat and now I'm leaving him"

From a female blog reader:

Pls post as anonymous.. I posted a story sometime in July of my husband and his bbm group.. (Where he went for the group party and lied that his office sent him for training) Well to cut long story short, I found out my husband indeed went for a party hosted by this bbm group and slept with one of the girls..I read their chats while he was sleeping this morning.. Because he has been keeping late nights and i was curious to find out why..And I saw WHR she said she doesn’t regret sleeping with him cos she loves him but its a pity he is married, and he told her she has a fresh pussy and he enjoyed sucking her..I cud not help myself when i saw it..its one thing to suspect and another to confirm(it hurts) I locked myself in another room and cried my pregnant eyes out..he came and started saying what’s the problem.. If its because he came home late last night and poured water in my pot of rice cos he was tipsy? I didn’t know when I started packing my bags that I wanted to leave. And can’t bear it anymore.. Just eight months in marriage and all this ? He was still asking me stupid questions, then I mentioned d girls name in d group and asked him to go and be with her..my idiot husband started swearing for himself and said am over reacting he even became violent and collected back the money he previously gave me for baby things..this is a man I satisfy with my body, mind, food, soul, peace, and everything.. People out there including our families think we have a perfect life..they don’t know am suffering.. I am 24 and he is 31..you won’t believe he is capable of cheating with his innocent fine boy face.. I am confused and need advice on what to do.. He is someone that turns table to make me feel guilty after his wrongs.. I don’t even know if I still love him..not after seeing his various chats on sex and how dey miss each other..I really feel I should give him space to b alone, and go somewhere else like his moms place for now to clear my head.. Please advice me guys I am confused right now..