“I forgave her severally but now she broke up with me & can’t forgive”

"I forgave her severally but now she broke up with me & can't forgive"

From a male blog reader:

I dated a girl for 2yrs and we just broke up imagine how much I loved these girl doe I was not so perfect, I am quick to anger and have hit her couple of times but this are things she did. She dated a way older man 4times are age at 17 she was dating a 35yrs old man, she is a lesbian and as had sex with 2 girls, also wanted to fuck her elder brothers friend and even went back to her ex after promising me she will not do that. now I threatened her out of anger and she as refused to accept my own apology. Worse of all after all d wrong things she did each time she begs me I forgive her and loved her wholeheartedly I even sent are money while we broke up and she still doesn’t want to come back saying she as moved on. She lies stupidly imagine one time when I discovered she was not a virgin she said she was raped by her step brother while she was young and as not told anyone about it till today. She as brutalized my image that I can’t even feel comfortable around people we have as mutual friends. What do I do now m so confused she is real stubborn and will not listen to what I have to say