“I finally got the job of my life then I discovered this”

"I finally got the job of my life then I discovered this"

From a male blog reader:

This is very serious problem and I need mature and serious minded people to help me.
I don’t think anyone can relate what it takes to be jobless for 6 whole years, at some point I felt I was cursed and lost hope. Anything I put my hands in just kept crumbling, I knew how many times my girlfriend gave me money to start business but I kept failing. This girl stood by me for 6years of my joblessness, fed me, clothes me and put money in my pocket . At some point I almost killed myself because of shame but my girlfriend kept on encouraging me.
Without her I must say I would have been dead, she was like an earthly god to me, even when age was no longer on her side she pushed all the men coming for her away and clanged onto me.
Last few month she called me and asked me to send my cv to a company, I just reluctantly did cause I have lost all hope.
Few days back I got an sms to come for an interview and I did .i actually got the job and the pay was so unbelievably, so I quickly called my girlfriend and we celebrated.
My first allowance I used it to buy her an engagement ring and I proposed to her which she agreed, but gave me a shocking confession of my life.
My girlfriend told me that she slept with 3 of my bosses to get me the job. One of them is the one I report directly to and the others are way at the top, she said she did it for love but I think this is prostitution at its peak . 3 men I work with slept with my wife to be. Am in a state of shock, I can’t let her go she has done too much for me. My conscience will kill me if I do . So it’s either I keep the job and keep her or I go back to being jobless and loveless and that is death .
But can I live with this bitter reality ?
Help me please am loading my mind.