I feel used after giving my boyfriend N1.5m for business – Confused lady

I feel used after giving my boyfriend N1.5m for business - Confused ladyFrom a female blog reader:

Been dating this guy,cool nice and perfect guy. Perfect gentle man, he goes as far as opening the car door for me, pull the chair for me, help me adjust my hair and make up, he is just a perfect gentle man but he is now racking sense . If we go out, he will find one excuse or the other not to pay bills. If he did not forget wallet , it will be ATM, if not ATM it will be network or one story or another . I will pay the bill, we have gone out 3 times now and I paid the bills. We have had sex 4 times and I even buy him the condom he uses, he drives a very expensive car and wear expensive dress so I can’t call him poor or broke .as soon as he just cum he will get up,dress up and leave, no good bye kisses . I asked him and he said after sex he is always shy. The problem now is, he asked me to borrow him 2 million, I told him I will think about it, the next day he engaged me, gave me a ring and asked me not to worry about the money again , but I noticed he stopped calling, if I call him he is always moody, so I went to see him and he said he got involved Ina business and he needs 4 million, he was actually crying so I felt pity for him as my to be husband and wrote him a cheque of 1. 5 million , he promised to pay me back, but since I gave him that money I have been feeling stupid. What do u guys think? Should I go and collect my money back ?