I feel pity for my wife, man laments

I feel pity for my wife, man lamentsFrom a male blog reader:

All I feel for my wife is nothing but pity,I always pity her because she is so strange .
How can you still be with a man who has cheated on you several times. A man who brings women to your home, to your face. A man who you know almost all the ladies he sleeps with. How can you still love a man who hits you for nothing. How can you still love a man who does not love you or touch you. I don’t understand her own kind of endurance, I have asked for a divorce severely but she keeps begging to stay, and I kept asking her, stay for what ? It is very obvious I don’t love you but yet you want to stay. Before I married her I loved her, but the day I caught another man kissing her, everything I felt for her died . Please how can I make her leave, I don’t want the Marriage again, I taught I could forgive her when I pay her back, but I still can’t . I feel I have punished her so much, but she does not want to leave . Pity pity is all I feel for her and nothing more . Throw your opinions