I feel like I’m dating myself, young girl laments

I feel like I'm dating myself, young girl laments

From a female blog reader:

I’m a 25 years old lady and my man is 30years old. This guy has been on my case for 2years now. The year I met him, I did not even give him audience at all so he and my sister became friends and he always kept tabs on me cause I was away in school. January this year, he reconnected with my sister and she told him I was finally home and done with school so she sent him my number and he called me. I told him I wasn’t ready for any relationship whatsoever. But subsequently, I began to like this guy and I finally agreed to date him. Things were nice and rosy and he even suggest that I start a business since he feels I’m good at it. He asked me to draft a proposal and he will sponsor the whole Business. It was tempting but I like doing things myself. He is a sweet guy and all. Now the main issue. This guy is a complete Ajebo as in spoilt brat to the core. I do understand tho. cause he is the lastborn of his family which I am too and I know how we can be. Lately, I noticed his call rate has seriously declined to the point that he can stay a whole week without reaching out. He stopped coming to See Me to the extent that my Mom noticed and even asked after him. I told him about it and he apologized, I forgave him, started calling and then again same thing happened. Recently, I asked him if he actually still feels for me and his response was “what the fuck is that” as in my body went cold and it’s now like I’m in a relationship with a shadow. I really don’t Know what to do. This is someone who cried when I refuse to accept his proposal at first. I’m really confused and helpless and I really like this guy. Yesterday I was actually considering moving on and he called me this morning to tell me that his body has been itching him to call me that what did I do to him. Whenever I want us to talk things out, he gets upset and begin to cry that I’m hurting him by doubting his feelings for me. Like man I don’t know what to do. Please family what should I do