How I enlarged my bum – Sheyi Shay reveals her secret

Nigerian singer, Sheyi Shay, has in a recent interview opened up on her growing bum and how she achieved it. Speaking during an interview with Saturday Beats, the Nigerian singer who made her debut in the music world some years ago and broke the internet a while back with the release of sultry photos said:”I wore that dress in New York. I dare not wear such in Nigeria.”

She added: “New York is one of the most fashion inclined cities in the world. The dress was made by Sokayna who is a crème de la crème designer in the world. He is Senegalese but he is doing very well for himself.

Justifying the photo which made heads roll on the internet, the Nigerian singer further chipped in: “Recently, Rihanna, Madonna and even Nicki Minaj, wore the same jacket I got from him. They all shop from him so it was an honour and a privilege to wear his piece.

“Why would I say no to such an offer? Even if the dress were a string, I would have still worn it. Also, if I had worn anything underneath the dress, it would have spoilt the design, it was not designed for anything to be worn underneath it.”

Reacting allegations that she might have undergone plastic surgery to enhance her backside, the singer revealed that her bigger backside was one of the good things that happened to her this year.

She however said in clarification, “I did not get this big bum through injections or surgery.

“If I did not do surgery on my boobs, is it my backside I would then operate on? Someone advised me to be doing squats. Till now, I spend most of my time in the gym. Having big buttocks was one of the good things that happened to me this year. I do 100 squats in the morning, in the afternoon I do 50 and then at night, I do another 100. It hurts a lot but it is worth it; I would not lie about that, the pain is worth it.

“I have been getting a lot of compliments since my backside added. I wanted to do a boob job but I changed my mind and the reason is that I realised that I could fit into almost anything especially sample sizes from designers. One of the things that Sokayna complimented me for when I was in New York was my body. He said that his clothes were not specifically made for African bodies but I have an extraordinary body and I would be ‘finished’ if I did a boob job. Everything fits, so I am happy with what God gave me.”